Decker Tailoring in St Louis, Missouri

Alteration Shop and Professional Tailor Services

As the premier tailor shop for St Louis, Clayton, Creve Coeur, and surrounding areas, you can rely on custom clothes and professional alterations from Decker Tailoring. For over six decades, our custom made clothes and clothing alterations have attracted customers that truly enjoy their new garments. Contact us today for more information on our alteration shop and pricing.

One of our most popular services is the custom tailoring of off-the-rack jeans. It’s not easy to find the right shape for your shape, so when you find a style that fits you; we can make them more flattering by eliminating that bothersome “back-gap” through tasteful jean alterations. Many of the higher-end shops in the St Louis area refer their customers to Decker Tailoring because they know we’ll treat them right. In fact, after we have completed your jean tailoring, your jeans will look like they were made especially for you!

Wedding dresses require a keen eye and flexible fingers. A needle and thread in our skilled hands can sculpt a wedding gown to fit you like a glove. Wedding alterations are important for any member of your party, that’s why we provide custom tailor services for the groom too. A professional tailor from Decker Tailoring can even create completely custom clothing for the groom, including suits made from fine Italian fabrics. Custom shirts from our tailor shop can further accentuate the regality of your one-of-a-kind suit.

From professional sewing for formal dresses to custom clothes creation, you can rely on Decker Tailoring. As the premier alteration shop for St Louis, we’ll complete all projects with attention to the minutest details, including jean alterations. Our materials used will meet your needs and will last for an incredibly long time, ensuring a long lifespan. Have a question about a garment? Call us at (314) 656-8373.